Renault Clio 5: Even More Beautiful!

The Renault Clio 5 looks like the Clio 4 ... but better!

Renault is launching its new Clio while retaining the stylistic benefits of its predecessor while tweaking its contours and reducing CO2 sources. From € 17,800.

By adhering to the principle that we do not change a formula that wins, Renault wanted to capitalize on the success of the Clio 4, for many due to its style, hence light and successful evolution of its dress. It also takes a moment of observation from all angles to detect differences.

At the front, the hood incorporates ribs, the grille surrounding the bottom of the diamond grows and 100% LED light blocks offer a new look. In the rear, the lights are extended further on a slightly wider hatchback to facilitate access to the trunk. In profile, we find the mind cut through the hidden handles of the rear doors while the roof tilts further back.

Side dimensions, the Clio 5 is shortened by 14 mm (4.05 m) but progresses in livability and chest volume. It lowers its bodywork up to 30 mm to gain aerodynamics and sportiness.

A better interior

Inside the Clio 5, the slightly forward-facing tablet sits at the top of the console with its large 9.3-inch multimedia display.
Inside the Clio 5, the slightly forward-facing tablet sits at the top of the console with its large 9.3-inch multimedia display. (© Renault Media)

Inside, the dashboard, dressed in foamed plastic on the high-end finish, is in net progress and loses this aspect a little gadget to offer a more rational layout.

The slightly forward-facing tablet sits at the top of the console with its large 9.3-inch multimedia display. It’s at your fingertips, but not at the best eye level. It would have had to be more recessed and thus embedded in the dashboard.

The front seats feature a more ergonomic design with excellent support, and the hollow-shell trim enhances the available rear-seat knee space. They also benefit from a clearer view thanks to comma headrests. The storage is also more welcoming, from 22 to 26 litres.

Petrol and Diesel, waiting for the hybrid!

Under its hood, the Clio 5 has a new range of petrol engines. First, to serve as an entry level, the 1 liter 3-cylinder 65 hp and 72 hp, in service on the Dacia Sandero, is intended for rather urban use and provide a modest reference price (14 100 € ).

It then appears the same 1 litre 3-cylinder but turbocharged, replacing the 0.9 litre for power from 90 to 100 hp served by a 5-speed gearbox. Finally, the 1.3-litre turbo 4-cylinder, instead of the 1.2-litre, sees its power evolve from 120 to 130 hp, only associated with the dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox.

As for the Diesel, we find the 1.5 litres 4 cylinders declined to 85 hp and 115 hp. A hybrid version will appear in 2020 associating a 1.6-litre petrol engine of 90 hp coupled with an electric motor of 35 kW allowing to cross 4 to 5 km with zero emissions.

A 4-cylinder 130 hp reference

For the launch of the Clio 5, the 100 hp and 130 hp petrol are therefore the spearheads of the diamond brand. The first named shows a car rather wise for peaceful use, low consumption, clamped by very long gear ratios (50, 90 and 140 km/h on the first three).

However, the second is more tonic, especially in manual mode using the paddles steering wheel, since the first three reports rise to 35, 70 and 100 km/h. What fun on the small mountain roads! But CO2 forces, the next three are also very long, the 4th hangs the 150 km / h. Having 4 cylinders, it is also the most flexible, the least noisy, so the most pleasant.

As for the road behaviour of the Clio 5, it honours its new platform that combines, with control, handling and comfort.

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