Paris: The Driver who Assaulted a Blind Man in Police Custody

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The driver who assaulted a blind man in police custody in Paris

At the police station of the 12th arrondissement of Paris, the driver, who assaulted a blind man was taken into custody

The video sparked a wave of indignation. A driver who assaulted a blind man and his escort  Sunday in Paris after denying them priority over a pedestrian crossing was placed in custody on Wednesday, police said.

Physical aggression

Sunday, a blind person guiding himself with a white cane engages with a companion on a pedestrian crossing in the 12th arrondissement, as shown a video widely relayed on social networks. A big black sedan then brushes the two men, cutting them the priority. The companion gives a tap on the roof of the car that stops.

The driver descends and physically and verbally assaults the attendant, slapping him. He also attacks the blind man. A witness tries to intervene as well as a lady who was in the car.

When the witness announces that he is going to call the police, the man and the woman get back in their car and leave.

“Violence without ITT on a vulnerable person”

Called to the police station in the 12th district, the driver was placed in custody for “violence without ITT (total incapacity for work) on a vulnerable person” and “violence without ITT”, according to the police source.

The Federation of blind and partially sighted France had denounced Monday in a tweet an aggression “inadmissible” and invited victims to file a complaint. On Tuesday, she confirmed that she will be a civil party and that she will follow this case “very closely”.

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