VIDEO: A Motorist Nearly Runs Over a Blind Person and Strikes His Companion

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Motorists nearly runs over blind person in Paris then attacks companion

A complaint was lodged against a motorist who had refused priority to a blind person and hit his companion on Saturday 15th June 2019 in Paris.

The scene is shocking. A visually impaired person and his companion were attacked by a motorist while they were preparing to cross a pedestrian crossing in the 12th district of Paris, reports Le Parisien . The altercation, filmed by a cyclist, was broadcast by Liveleak, and did not fail to indignant.

A shot on the roof of the car

The facts go back to Saturday 15th June 2019. While the blind person and his companion were crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing in Paris, an Audi, not stopping, nearly runs over one of the men. Displeased with this incivility, he gives a blow on the roof of the car.

The driver stops and goes down to fight. On a video we hear him shout, “Why did you tap? “Before coming to blows and repeatedly slapping the chaperone, who responds ” he was a priority “.

The scene filmed in the XII arrondissement of Paris: 

The passenger of the vehicle tries to intervene and calm the aggressor, in vain. He ends up back in his car.

A complaint filed

This aggression has outraged the Federation of blind people in France, which asks the two victims to file a complaint, which they ended up doing Monday 17th June.

The police headquarters, seized by the deputy mayor of Paris, Christophe Najdovski, said it had opened an investigation for “acts of voluntary violence resulting in an ITT less than 8 days and for refusal of priority to a pedestrian “.

As a reminder, to refuse the priority on a pedestrian crossing is punished by a withdrawal of six points on the driving license and a fixed fine of 135 euros.

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