Toulouse: They Rob a Pharmacy and Flee, Two Burglars Arrested

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Two burglars were placed in custody, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, after pointing a pharmacy in the Sept-Denies district, Toulouse.

Two burglars were arrested by the police on the night of Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th May 2019, when they had just committed theft at a pharmacy in Toulouse. The details.

On the night of Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th May 2019, around 3 am, a witness saw two burglarsrobbing a pharmacy in the Sept-Deniers district of Toulouse. One is inside the pharmacy, while the other is on the lookout. The two men then drive away.

1,500 euros found in the car

The witness then warns the police, who soon arrive on the scene. A few minutes later, a team from the Security and Response Company gets its hands on the two individuals in the Pont-Jumeaux district. In their car were found about 1,500 euros , in notes and coins, which came from the pharmacy they had just burgled.


The two men were placed in police custody at the central police station. Their profiles differ: one is 21 years old and has no criminal record. His accomplice, a man of 42 years , on the other hand is very well known by the police for the facts of robberies. The investigators of the Brigade of repression of the attacks on the property of the Departmental security inquire to know if they are committed other recent flights, in the agglomeration Toulouse.

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