Nantes: A Teen Seriously Injured in Knife Attack at the Carnival

Local News
An 18 year old was stabbed at the carnival in Nantes

A suspect was taken into custody Thursday morning …

The festive atmosphere was arrested Wednesday night at the carnival of Nantes .Shortly before 10.30pm, at the Saint-Pierre square in the centre of Nantes, a man was seriously injured with a knife , police said. Aged 18, he escaped with a big gash on the bust, “from the left breast to the right flank.”

Supported by firefighters, he was transported to the CHU in which he was operated on. He could be questioned on Thursday morning by investigators from the Criminal Brigade.

A suspect in custody

A 38 year old suspect was arrested in Thouaré-sur-Loire on Thursday morning and taken into custody for attempted murder. According to police, the man could have acted because of a dispute between two years his family and that of the victim, from the community of Travelers. The investigation is ongoing.

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