Electoral Storm in Angouleme, Wind Blows Over Panels …

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Wind blows over European Election panels in Angouleme

The European elections are going to be hectic. Fifteen days before the vote, it is already panic in the official billboards in Angouleme

Already that the Charente areas are already struggling to install the supports for all of the 34 lists of candidates and parties for the European Elections, here is a gust of wind fell on those in front of the space Franquin in Angouleme, where the town hall had already had to play the shoehorn to get the official lists.

It is hard to predict that on May 26th, the ballot boxes will be as violent as the wind has been for the last six panels, but without prejudging the voters’ choice, this profusion of candidates does not presage serene debates.

But one thing is certain, to avoid the electoral storms and the nauseating tidal waves that can ensue, the best solution is still to go to vote.

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