Saint-Nazaire: Big wave of Shows Saturday 1st June

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Fourteen companies are invited to the Big Tide in Saint-Nazaire

Saturday 1st June new wave of shows in Saint-Nazaire with the 17th edition of Grande tide.

The high tide returns this Saturday 1st June in Saint-Nazaire as every year (with the exception of 2017 because of The Bridge).

A new wave of shows by the sea.

Afternoon with family

Last year, the organizers (Escales, Theater, City) had innovated by proposing to start the festivities in the afternoon for the youngest.

The success was the rendezvous, suddenly, rebelote on the Sautron green space with many activities for families from 3pm.

Among them, the clandestine bookstore, the restaurant of comforters, ecolympiades, games … Three street shows will be to discover: Bao Bel, And yet and Shadows of them.

At 6:30 pm, the Zone à Danser fanfare will embark large and small makeup to reach the beach of Villès-Martin and start the evening.

Music, acrobatics, magic …

From Port Desire to Fort de Villès-Martin, there are 28 slots of shows that are available until midnight. Music, tightrope walk, dance, acrobatics, theater, circus, wandering, magic, 14 companies are invited to amaze the public with their talent and performance.

And to close the evening, the company Bivouac and his seven voltigeurs for A Corps perdus, gave a singular and impressive ballet, on a strange structure of 11 m high (Villès beach at 11.15pm).

Of course, Big Tide is also a giant picnic. Tables are available to the public that can also land on the sand. Some food stands will be present.

This festival brings together each year between 10 and 15,000 people, many of them families.

And little cherry on the cake on Sunday morning, the boats of the Solidaire du Figaro will pass off Saint-Nazaire.

Security:  If Big Tide is not a fan zone security and access measures are taken. Traffic and parking will be forced or banned over a large area. Two guarded and free bike parking will be offered in Sautron and Villès-Martin.

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