Fifteen Sheep Enrolled at School to Avoid a Class Closure

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Fifteen sheep have symbolically enrolled at a school in Isère

In Isère, the municipality of Crêts-en-Belledonne took the initiative to register symbolically fifteen sheep in its primary school to protest against the closure of a class.

Play leapfrog in the playground, it is no longer just an image in this small town of Isère !

In Crêts-en-Belledonne , a breeder entered the primary school with about 50 sheep and his dog, Tuesday, May 7, 2019 around 8 am, reports France Bleu Isère . With the complicity of the mayor, Jean-Louis Maret, about fifteen animals, birth certificates in support, were “officially” registered to be educated in this school.

A class threatened with closure

A symbolic act to protest against the threat of closure of a class. Indeed, this primary school learned in March 2019 that one of its 11 classes was likely to close in September following a slight decline in enrollment, from 266 to 261 students .

With this closure, the average rate of 24 students per class in this school will rise to 26. A decision that scandalizes the parents of students.

“There are children in difficulty here, but the National Education is not concerned with the arguments on the ground, just numbers,” says Gaëlle Laval, member of the CIPF (Federation of Parents’ Councils) and one of the organizers of the demonstration on Tuesday.

The event, which is ready to smile, was also a way for this municipality to say: “we are not sheep”.

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