European Elections 2019: The Participation rate is 43.29% at 5pm

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The participation rate in the European elections is 43.29% in France at 5pm

At 5 pm, the turnout in the European elections is 43.29% in France. A rate up from 2014. The first polls will close at 6pm.

The European elections continue Sunday, May 26, 2019. If at noon, the participation rate was 19.26%   (a rate higher than in 2014 at the same time), it was 43.29% at 17 hours in metropolitan France, according to the latest figures of the Interior.

It is in Aveyron, Indre and Ardèche that the French voted the most (more than 50%), and in Seine-Saint-Denis (29.61%) and Southern Corsica (29.96%). %) that participation is the lowest.

In France, polling stations will close at 18 hours in small towns, at 19 hours in some, and 20 hours in large cities, including Ile-de-France.

Who do we vote for? 
The European elections designate future MPs who will enter the European Parliament. During these elections, 751 elected representatives will be appointed by the 28 member states. The distribution of seats varies according to the size of the population. In France, 47.1 million voters are called to vote for one of the 34 official lists , from different political edges. On each of these lists, there are 79 applications. Parties having obtained more than 5% of the votes benefit from a number of seats proportional to their number of votes.

The ghost of forbearance

The participation rate at 17 hours is greater than in 2014 (35.07%). Yet the specter of abstention still weighs on Europeans. Elections often shunned, especially in France, compared to Municipal or Presidential. So, what about this year? According to Ifop-Fiducial, the participation rate will be 54% of registered voters for the whole day. For Harris-Interactvie / Epoka, it will rise to 52.2%.

According to figures from the European Parliament , the participation rate in France was:

  • 60.71% in 1979
  • 48.8% in 1989
  • 46.76% in 1999
  • 40.63% in 2009
  • 42.43% in 2014

The official results will not be announced until tonight, when the vote will be completed in Italy, where the offices will close at 11 pm In France, the first results may fall by 20 hours.

In some European countries, elections began on Thursday. This is the case for Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. But the counting takes place today, in order to pronounce the results at the same time as the rest of the countries of the European Union.

A flight of the nationalist and populist movements is expected, which should make lose ground to the two most important groups in the European Parliament, the European People’s Party (EPP, right pro-European), current first force, and the Party Socialist European ( PSE).

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