Brexit: Theresa May Announces She Will Make a “Daring Brexit Offer” (Last Chance)

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Theresa May to try another Brexit Vote

UNITED KINGDOM: “I still believe that it is possible to obtain a majority in Parliament for an exit (from the EU) with a Brexit agreement,” writes the Prime Minister in a forum

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday that she was preparing to make a “bold offer” to elected officials, in a final attempt to get them to accept her exit agreement from the European Union .

In an article published Sunday in the Sunday Times, Theresa May said she intends to present to the elected officials at the beginning of next month her new proposal, with some changes in the hope of gathering a majority in her favour.

Labour opposition broke off discussions

MPs voted three times over the Brexit deal negotiated by Theresa May with the European Union, whose departure date was postponed from 29th March to 12th April and then to 31st October. “I still believe it is possible to get a majority in Parliament for an exit (from the EU) with an agreement,” writes the Prime Minister.  She ensures that the text that will be submitted to the elected representatives is a “new and bold offer” with an “improved package of measures, able to get support” from Parliament.

The Labour opposition broke talks Friday with the British Prime Minister to find a solution to implement the Brexit, arguing the “weakness” of Theresa May, asked by his party to prepare for her departure.

After a meeting Tuesday with Jeremy Corbyn, the Prime Minister announced that she would risk a new vote in early June. MPs will have to vote on a bill on Brexit that will set the legislative modalities for divorce, not the agreement itself.

“Vote to make Brexit a reality or to hide again”

This sleight of hand allows the Prime Minister to put the Brexit agreement back on the agenda. “When MPs vote, they will face a very clear choice: to vote to realise the Brexit or to shirk again,” said the head of the government Friday.

Labour defends retention in a European customs union – which establishes a common customs and trade policy – when Theresa May has always said she wants to leave it to allow her country to freely conclude trade agreements with third countries. Labour “does not exclude” the holding of a second referendum to “avoid an exit without agreement,” said their leader, travelling Friday in North London.

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