Measles, Meningitis, Flu … These Diseases Closely Monitored in Normandy

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Flu, meningitis, measles: the diseases in Normandy closely monitored.

In Normandy, declarations are mandatory for certain highly supervised diseases: measles, influenza, meningitis … The first figures of 2018 are already known.

Observe, alert and monitor all epidemics in the region or certain diseases: these are the missions of the Wax (cells intervention in the region), installed since 2014 in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) with an antenna in Caen (Calvados) . While winter epidemics have been over for only a few days, observations are continuing, particularly on cases of measles and meningitis . And while waiting for the report of the Ministry of Health on the vaccination policy, with the passage of 3 to 11 compulsory vaccinations for children under two , which must be made public Monday, April 15, Dr. Nathalie Nicolay draws up a panorama of the situation in Normandy.

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The flu killed 13 people in Normandy

Exit the flu epidemic and surveillance of cases of bronchiolitis in children under 2 years in Normandy. The Regional Intervention Cell, which works closely with the Regional Health Agency, issued in its last bulletin published last week, the figures of winter epidemics.

“Since the last assessment, only one new serious case of influenza has been reported in the Normandy region for a total of 78 cases since the start of surveillance. At the national level, co-circulation of H1N1 and A H3N2 viruses is observed. Since the beginning of surveillance in November 2018, 13 deaths are to deplore, “says the latest balance sheet of the wax at the end of March.

As a reminder, in February 2019, the number of deaths linked to influenza was three in Normandy . “Last year, we recorded 11 deaths related to the flu epidemic in Normandy, knowing that our surveillance has changed. Last year, we had returns from all institutions. From now on, we only have resuscitation services that tell us their numbers. I think we are about the same proportions as last year, “said an epidemiologist from Public Health France at 14actu .

And for bronchiolitis? “The 2018-19 bronchiolitis epidemic lasted seven weeks in the region. This epidemic was comparable to that of the previous season but with higher emergency care. ”

Measles is also closely monitored in Normandy

Dr Nathalie Nicolay, based in Rouen, says: “We are watching the measles epidemic very closely. Normandy is not one of the regions with active outbreaks such as Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Mayotte, Réunion, Occitanie and Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Since January 1, 2019, 350 cases of measles have been reported in France (there were 966 in the same period in 2018), indicates Public Health France.

“In Normandy, we recorded a case of measles in Calvados, two in the Eure and a case in Seine-Maritime. Insofar as an effective vaccine exists against this disease, it is estimated that a case listed is too much, says Dr. Nathalie Nicolay. “

Another notifiable disease is serogroup C meningitis. In Normandy, there is a very strong epidemic, which in 2002-2003 in the Dieppe region had triggered vaccination campaigns against infections. invasive meningococcal C.

In Normandy, in 2017, 33 cases of invasive meningococcal infections (IIM) against 36 the previous year had been listed. “The 2018 figures will be revealed in the annual report that will be released on April 15”, promises Dr. Nicolay who also argues: “This is for us a routine surveillance, there is no epidemic noted. ”

The assessment of the highly anticipated vaccination

Epidemiologists are required not to reveal the latest figures of vaccination before April 15, especially this year since it will be the first assessment after the implementation of the new vaccination policy in France and the passage of 3 to 11 compulsory vaccines in children under two years old . For Dr. Nicolay, “we should very logically find the impact of this implementation in the number of reported cases of diseases monitored. In Normandy, vaccination coverage is quite high but it is still not optimal. ”

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Vaccination is practice in Normandy at high rates, but which are below national targets, indicated in its report 2017 Dr. Stéphane Erouart, public health doctor. “It remains to be hoped that the methods deployed by epidemiologists will improve knowledge of immunization coverage rates beyond early childhood, as work remains on vaccination in adolescents and adults. For example, the fight against papillomavirus is just beginning. “

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