After the Great Debate, the Government Promises Big Projects

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After the Great Debate, the government promise big projects

In the face of the deputies, Tuesday, April 9, 2019, Edouard Philippe assured that “powerful and concrete” decisions will be taken to meet the expectations of the French.

After the great debate, “major projects”: Edouard Philippe promised Tuesday 9th April, 2019 before the National Assembly responses to the “strong need for transformation ” expressed and the “wall of distrust” separating the French from their elected.

Without convincing the oppositions that have squirmed the government.

Decisions “powerful and concrete”

After two months of national consultation in response to the crisis of “yellow vests”, the “decisions” that Emmanuel Macron will announce in the coming days will be “powerful and concrete,” the head of the government said in an almost full hemicycle, the day after the synthesis of the two million contributions of the French.

The main conclusion he draws is that of “a powerful need for transformation”, “our tools, our institutions, our procedures, our guilty weaknesses of which our public debt is the mute, creeping and threatening witness” .

The big debate has also shown that a “wall of distrust” separates the French from their representatives, elected officials, trade unionists and journalists, noted Edouard Philippe, while right-wing deputies launched “Benalla”.


Among the few new features announced, he said he wanted to “put officials back on the ground,” and pledged that there would be no reduction in the defence effort, “on the contrary”.

It is the president who will “set the course and announce the opening of major projects”, with “local elected officials”, “trade unions and employers” and “associations”, traced the Prime Minister, to applause majority. “All that for that”, we heard fuse left, while oppositions awaited concrete proposals.

The leader of the deputies LR Christian Jacob drew up an indictment of the beginning of the problems and judged that the “contract” binding Emmanuel Macron to the French was “torn”. The country would need a “new election”, he launched in a great tension, against Stoic ministers.

ISF, resignation …

Patroness of PS deputies, Valérie Rabault ruled that “to emerge from this great debate without vision for France (…), by reducing political thought to punchlines of the zero tax tolerance type” was “not up to par.”

“At all crossroads, week after week, we heard: Make the ISF first, Macron resignation” (…) But you do not hear, “crushed Insoumis Francois Ruffin.

Edouard Philippe was in a “total void”, Marine Le Pen assaulted, in the corridors of the Palais Bourbon. Pointing the absence including the topic immigration, the president of the RN considers that the conclusions of the government go to “the opposite of what the French think”.

The co-founder of “Vests Younger Citizens”, Thierry-Paul Valette, who presents a list to the Europeans, asked for his part Tuesday to be received by Matignon to deliver his “citizen proposals”, recalling that the movement translated “a ras-le -bol general “.

Irreconcilable positions

The deputies had delivered their contributions last week, showing convergences on the state of the country but irreconcilable positions on the solutions to bring.

In passing, the Prime Minister called on Tuesday with a smile the deputies to “meditate” the example of “the remarkable capacity of our fellow citizens to listen” in the great debate.

And he replied in fine that if it is up to Emmanuel Macron to announce the arbitration, it is in “the logic of the institutions of the Fifth Republic”.

The tenant of Matignon will give Wednesday the same exercise of the debate in the Senate.

Areas of the reforms

During his speech at the Grand Palais on Monday, he spoke of four major areas for reform, starting with a faster tax cut to respond to “huge tax exasperation.” The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire wants to drop “in priority” the income tax.

In terms of the environment, with the carbon tax “we were wrong on the method, not on the ambition”, defended Tuesday the Prime Minister. “It’s up to us to find the right pace, the right standards, the right support and incentive mechanisms. “

In addition, “we must build a more deliberative democracy”, even if “nothing will replace representative democracy,” he said, adding that he wanted to draw inspiration from the big debate.

Its five guarantors congratulated Tuesday of this “exceptional democratic moment”, warning however that “will only be truly credible if it is well monitored and the richness of its results is fully exploited”.

The National Assembly, April 9, 2019.
The National Assembly, April 9, 2019. (© AFP / Thomas SAMSON)

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