“Energy Cheques” Sent from Monday to 5.8 Million Homes

Energy cheques pay for electricity, gas, fuel and wood bills.

To benefit from the “energy chequs” to pay the heating bills and whose eligibility conditions have been extended in 2019, there is no necessary action

he “energy cheques”, a device to help the most modest households to pay their energy bills , are sent from Monday 25th March, 2019. and will extend until the end of April.

This boost will benefit in 2019 5.8 million homes , against 4 million previously. The government had indeed announced in November 2018 the expansion of this measure, raising the ceiling of reference tax income not to exceed to be eligible. For a single person, you should not earn more than 10,700 euros, and for a couple under 16,000 euros.

Up to 227 euros per household

The “energy cheque” is used to pay bills for electricity , gas , oil and wood . To benefit, there is no way to go. On the other hand, you can check your eligibility on the chequeenergie.gouv.fr website . All you need to do is enter your tax number .

The amount of the check varies according to the income declared with the taxes and can be up to 227 euros per household, or 50 euros more than before.

You have the choice of its use : you can send it to your gas or electricity supplier and its amount will be deducted then from your bill. You can also buy wood or fuel with it. But you also have the opportunity to use it to finance work at home if they are intended to improve the energy consumption of your home.

A calendar of sending

To find out the date on which the energy check must arrive at your place of residence, consult the official calendar by following this link .

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