Comfort and Safety: The Booming Connected Motorcycle

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The Bolid-E concept integrates digital tablets with integrated cameras instead of mirrors. The machine is also connected to the driver's wrist via a smart watch.

The latest trends in Motocycles are electric and connectivity. The world of connected motorcycle is indeed the challenge of multiple innovations.

Without a doubt, the top news of the connected motorcycle segment is embodied by the Bolid-E concept , the fruit of a bold partnership between the Italian manufacturer Energica Motor and the manufacturer Samsung , the South Korean giant of electronics .

The prototype of the Bolid-E augurs a unique motorcycle of its kind. Instead of mirrors mirrors, it integrates digital tablets with integrated cameras , for the rider to effortlessly visualise the back of the bike but also to prevent traffic conditions and possible obstacles that may arise at the same time. before his itinerary.

On the other hand, the Bolid-E is connected to your wrist via a smart watch that not only allows to gather the information of road and consumption, to consult the level of the electric battery but also to act as key of virtual startup.

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Maximum Visibility and Voice Interconnection

The Cosmo Moto fire was presented at the Mondial Auto-moto in Paris last October.
The Cosmo Moto fire was presented at the Mondial Auto-moto in Paris last October. (© APEI-News)

The other great feat on the market today is the evolution of helmets . Start-ups compete inventiveness to relentlessly offer ever more connected headgear.

The CrossHelmet X1 , signed by a Japanese company, gives bikers 360-degree visibility, coupled with a suppression of surrounding noise and interconnection with their smartphone.

For its part, the Taiwanese Jarvish will launch in 2019 two versions of full-face augmented headphones, with a head-up display and voice commands, which will be operational thanks to a continuous link with Google’s infotainment and entertainment assistants. Apple (Siri), among others.

We must also mention the Cosmo Moto, designed by the French start-up Cosmo Connected . This is a removable and connected rear light, which is available on the back of the helmet. It activates as soon as the motorcycle or the scooter decelerates. In addition to its role of informing other road users, this device allows, in case of fall of the motorcyclist, to transmit to the rescue a geolocalised alert within three minutes. Since its launch on the market, this device knows a real craze, including motorcycle schools.

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