Bank Charges Down, A First for Three Years

The French pay an average of 215.10 euros in bank fees per year.

According to a study by the Panorabank bank comparator, bank charges fees fell by 1% in 2019 compared to last year.

Here is good news for our wallet: after three years of increase, bank charges show a slight decrease of 1% in 2019 , according to the results of the study conducted by the comparator Panorabank banks reported by RTL .

In concrete terms, this decrease represents two euros saved compared to last year. But the French still pay 215.10 euros of bank fees on average per year.

Subscription fees on the internet disappear

Several explanations justify this decline: the gradual disappearance of subscription fees for the management of accounts on the Internet. Fourteen banks still practice them, against twice as many as last year. In addition, maintenance fees are stabilizing: 17 euros per year on average, after a steady rise since their appearance ten years ago.

Contributions for bank cards, they increase, to a small extent: 15 cents on average per year. Lastly, overdraft fees are almost no longer increasing and are only increasing by 10 cents to an average of 72.50 euros per year.

Panorabanques finally points out that many banks have made their offer packages more attractive.

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