Banks could charge some customers for cash withdrawals

Cash Dispensers: Cash Withdrawals Soon More Expensive for Some Customers?

Customers of online banks could pay more for their cash withdrawals. A solution envisaged by some banks to cope with digital competition. Will cash withdrawals from distributors soon be more expensive? This is in any case a reflection that Nicolas Théry, president of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale. In an interview with Les Echos , Nicolas Théry wonders:  “Why can banks […]

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The French pay an average of 215.10 euros in bank fees per year.

Bank Charges Down, A First for Three Years

According to a study by the Panorabank bank comparator, bank charges fees fell by 1% in 2019 compared to last year. Here is good news for our wallet: after three years of increase, bank charges show a slight decrease of 1% in 2019 , according to the results of the study conducted by the comparator Panorabank banks reported by RTL . […]

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Bank charges affect those customers in difficulty the worse

Bank Charges: Customers in Difficulty Particularly Penalized

In a study published Thursday, the association 60 million consumers reveals that bank charges particularly penalize customers in difficulty. The bank charges specifically penalize people in financial difficulty , for which they are multiplied almost tenfold compared to all clients, says the Association 60 million consumers in a study published Thursday. “Consumers in persistent financial difficulty are charged nearly 300 euros […]

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