The Weather in Lorient: Spring Like Saturday, Cloudy on Sunday

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Feeling almost like spring and worthy of a month of April, this weekend in Lorient

WEEKEND WEATHER: The weather for the weekend in and around Lorient will have the feel of April instead of February …

The weather for the weekend in and around Lorient will have the feel of April instead of February.  With the anticyclone retreating towards Central Europe, generating the arrival on Sunday of a weak front.  Here is the forecast for the weekend.


Mists at dawn evolving fast to a bright morning with generous sun, high altitude sails and rapid rise of mercury. High altitude sails, generous sunshine and a feeling of softness at midday.

In the afternoon, the beautiful sails of high altitude leave a generous sun generate a feeling almost spring and worthy of mid-April. Wind southeast-weak to very low in the morning, weak to moderate in the afternoon (gusts 20-30 km / h, 30-40 on Groix). From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: swell from west to southwest 1-1.5 m. Min: 5  / 6 degrees; max: 12 / 13 degrees; (from 4 / 5 degrees to 13 / 14 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). High clouds and moderate southeast wind in the evening; 9 degrees at 8pm and 7 degrees at midnight.


Rare mists at dawn preceding a cloudy sky in the morning with thick high sails, visible sun and rising mercury before the arrival of a cloud cover more dense in late morning and mid-day.

In the afternoon, the front that slowly approaches Brittany generates a cloudy sky overcast and mild at first without precipitation, then preceding some rains after 5pm. Moderate south wind in the morning, southwesterly strong (force 4, gusts 35-45 km/h, 45-55 over Groix) at midday and early afternoon then weakening moderately after 4pm. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: west swell 1.5-2 m. Min: 5 / 6 degrees; max: 12 / 13 degrees (from 4 / 5 degrees to 12 / 13 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Overcast with a few rain showers in the evening; slight to moderate wind southwest 10 degrees from 8 pm to midnight.

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