Adele and Drake have Become Friends and Have Fun Bowling

Adele and Drake have become friends

PEOPLE: A first for the two superstars, who had never spent time together before

Last weekend, Adele and Drake decided to spend an evening together with, in the program, a game of bowling one-on-one. What better way to seal a friendship? But before that, the two superstars of the song have been filling up the stomach at Jerry’s Famous Deli, a Los Angeles delicatessen known for offering no less than 700 products to thrill the taste buds.

After which they went to Pinz Bowling, which they had of course privatized. From where a total absence of photo. Adele and Drake then decided to end their evening at Chill N Vape Lounge, a facility dedicated to vaping. According to TMZ , the rapper would have set his sights on a taste of mango and peach.

Mutual admiration

This was the first time Adele and Drake had spent time together, even though they have been in contact for a few months. At least since they confessed to each other the admiration they feel for each other.

Last October, Adele went to see a Drake concert in all discretion, before saying all the good she thought about it on Twitter. And the rapper was eager to return the favour on Instagram.

“I like this woman and she came to the concert. Thank God no one told me otherwise I would have been shaken, “he wrote.

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