Quimper: The Prefecture Forbids Yellow Vests Protest Saturday

Local News
Prefecture forbids yellow vests demonstration in Quimper

Act XV Yellow Vests is being prepared throughout the country and especially in Quimper. The prefect took the lead in banning any event in the city centre to avoid possible overflows.

Following the broadcast of calls to demonstrate Saturday 23rd February, 2019, in Quimper (Finistère) as part of the movement of yellow vests, the prefecture decided to ban demonstrations in the city centre of Quimper.

In a statement, Pascal Lelarge, the prefect, mentioned the “recurrent and violent overflows that tainted the recent demonstrations of yellow vests in the department” as the reason for the ban on demonstrations in the centre of Quimper. In this context the police (police and gendarmerie) will be mobilised throughout the department to maintain order.

In addition, the transportation of materials likely to be used as projectiles and the consumption of alcohol will be prohibited in the city center.

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