Since the reform of the calculation of housing assistance and the arrival of new computer software at the CAF, anomalies have accumulated in the processing of applications for social benefits.

APL, RSA: Why Do Thousands of CAF Beneficiaries have Problems with their Aid?

Since the start of 2021, 120,000 to 180,000 CAF beneficiaries have been confronted with anomalies in the payment of their rights. At issue: the reform of housing assistance. Late payments, unpaid allowances, undue claims unjustifiably, blocked files … For several months, some  CAF beneficiaries have been tearing their hair out to collect their rights, in particular housing assistance .  “My […]

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Back to school allowance will be paid to families from August 4th

The Back-to-School Allowance, Revalued by 100 Euros, will be Paid from August 4th

PURCHASING POWER: More than three million families with modest incomes will benefit from this school allowance A boost needed for more than three million families. The back-to-school allowance, “exceptionally” with an additional 100 euros this year , will be paid on August 4 in Réunion and Mayotte, then on August 18 in mainland France and in other overseas departments […]

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More than 4 million households will benefit from emergency aid

Coronavirus: Nearly 4 Million French People will Benefit from Exceptional Aid

Emmanuel Macron had indicated the payment of financial aid to the most modest households, during his last televised address, Monday 13th April 2020. Something promised, something due. At the end of the Council of Ministers, which met this Wednesday 15th April 2020 at the end of the morning, the government announced the payment of exceptional aid for modest households, one […]

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the CAF is paying social benefits earlier in April

Coronavirus: Social Benefits Paid Two Days in Advance in April

EPIDEMIC: Due to the coronavirus, the CAF is paying social benefits earlier in April, which represents a cash advance of 5 billion euros for the State In order not to penalize beneficiaries who have to withdraw their money from banks, whose operation may be disrupted due to the coronavirus, the payment of social benefits by the CAF, […]

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The allocation rentree scolaire, paid to approximately to three million families, makes it possible to finance the purchase of school supplies

Back to School: The Allocation Rentree Scolaire will be Paid on Tuesday

FINANCE: The allocation rentree scolaire, paid to approximately to three million families, makes it possible to finance the purchase of school supplies Paid to parents with modest incomes and intended to help them pay for their children’s school supplies, the allocation rentree scolaire (ARS) will be paid this Tuesday. Amount, conditions of resources, procedures … We take stock […]

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Last day to apply for the Prime d'activité at the CAF

Prime d’Activité: Last Day this Friday to Make the Request

The increased and increased Prime d’activité bonus will be paid in early February to low-income earners . But be careful, it’s not automatic! To benefit from this help, you must claim it online on the website of the Family Allowances Fund (CAF) , after having made a simulation to check if you are eligible. And to make sure you receive the payment by February 5th, […]

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The Caf has seen an increase in requests for the Prime d'activité

Prime d’Activité: CAF Notice an Increasing Number of Requests

ECONOMY: The government hopes to “reach 100% of the people” who can benefit from the expanded Prime d’activité from 2019 … The requests do not stop pouring in. The expansion of the conditions of access to the prime d’activité, decided in December to respond to the anger of the “yellow vests”, has resulted in an influx […]

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The Allocation de Rentrée Scolaire will be paid on the 17th August 2017

The Allocation de Rentrée Scolaire (ARS) Will be Paid on 17th August, but are You Entitled?

The Allocation de Rentrée Scolaire or school allowance, which helps parents with modest incomes to pay for the binders and other supplies, will be paid to more than 2.8 million families from the 17th August, announced Tuesday by the Ministry of Education. As announced under the previous Government, Back to School Allowance, the Allocation de Rentrée […]

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The first payments of 176 euros have been paid to those receiving the prime d'activité

Family allowances: First Payment of the Prime d’activité

The average amount is 176 euros per month … The Caisse des allocations familiales (CAF) on the 5th February made the first payments of the Prime d’activité. On this occasion, the Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Marisol Touraine, has announced the average amount of the Prime d’activité, which is replacing the RSA-activité and the prime […]

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Manuel Valls has confirmed the Christmas Bonus to the lowest income bracket

The Christmas bonus Dec. 16 to more than 2 million homes

Manuel Valls announced Tuesday on Europe 1 the renewal of the Christmas bonus, the amount of which exceeds 320 euros for a couple with two children … It does not increase, but it is still there. The Christmas bonus will be repeated this year and paid as of December 16 households with the lowest incomes, […]

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