Brexit: Jeremy Hunt Says Brexit May Not Take Place

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Jeremy Hunt says Brexit might not take place

On Sky News, British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said the UK’s exit was unlikely to happen. If the agreement is rejected, the House of Commons will have the last word.

Brexit might not happen! British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said the House of Commons could play a vital role in the future of Brexit .

In case of rejection on Tuesday of the divorce agreement, negotiated by Theresa May with Brussels , by the House of Commons, the exit of the United Kingdom could indeed not take place.

“Risk of Brexit paralysis”

“What is most likely in case of rejection of this agreement is the risk of Brexit paralysis, and if that happens, no one knows what might happen. “ Said Jeremy Hunt, on Sky News .

According to the London Evening Standard in an article published on Friday, some ministers spoke to the Prime Minister about the possibility of postponing Brexit beyond March 29, the deadline. Putting in question in particular the number too important of legislation to be adopted before reaching it. However, a government spokesman denied this information.

The Parliament is determined to prevent a Brexit without an agreement revealed the secretary of the Foreign Office, and affirmed  “that it appears much less likely that the Parliament will allow a way out without agreement” .

The House of Commons, mostly pro-European, saw its MP’s vote for about 75% of its members, for the maintenance in the European Union in June 2016 in the referendum. Its role for the future of Brexit is thus not trivial.

Parliament forces Theresa May’s action

On Tuesday 8th January, British parliamentarians obtained from Theresa May that she is compelled for the government to seek the approval of Parliament to release funds to face a Brexit without  agreement.

The delay left to the government, for the presentation of a “plan B” of exit, was also reduced by the Parliament, in case of rejection of the current project Tuesday 15th January at Westminster.

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