Brexit: The Vote in the House of Commons will take Place on January 15th

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Brexit vote will take place on the 15th January

While the parliamentary debate over the Brexit agreement resumes on Wednesday 9th January, government sources indicate that the vote in the House of Commons will be held on the 15th of the same month.

The vote in the House of Commons on the withdrawal agreement that Theresa May’s government negotiated with Brussels will take place on the 15th January, BBC reports Monday morning, citing government sources.

The British Prime Minister, for lack of a majority, had been forced to postpone  the vote in extremis , which was originally scheduled for December 11 last.

The parliamentary debate on the Brexit agreement resumes on Wednesday. Invited Sunday morning on the BBC, Theresa May said the vote would take place “around January 15th” . The United Kingdom will leave the European Union on the 29th March at 11 pm GMT.

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