Bomb Alert on an EasyJet Lyon-Rennes Flight: The Plane Makes a U-turn

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A plane from the low-cost company easyJet had to turn around this Friday afternoon on a flight Lyon-Rennes, because of a bomb threat.

An easyJet aircraft, which left Lyon for Rennes on Friday 18th January, 2019, had to turn around after a bomb threat.

An easyJet aircraft, which left Lyon for Rennes on Friday afternoon, turned back in flight over Clermont-Ferrand after a bomb threat .

Traffic suspended 40 minutes

The plane, which was to land at 4.15pm in Rennes, landed on the tarmac Lyons around 4pm.

“Due to a security check, airport operations were suspended for 40 minutes. The flights resumed at 4:45 pm, this causes some delays, “tweeted the airport.

According to Progress, the 159 passengers on board the aircraft were all unloaded, and their luggage was searched.

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