Act XI Yellow Vests: A Dozen Wounded and 20 Arrests in Seine-Maritime

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The mobilization of yellow vests was less important this Saturday, January 26 in Seine-Maritime.

Saturday 26th January marked the 11th day of mobilisation by Yellow Vests. If the participation seems to decline, incidents have come enamelled parades in Seine-Maritime.

The  Yellow Vests themselves were expected: the mobilisation was less strong, Saturday 26th January, 2019, for the act XI of their movement. In particular, a major event organised in Evreux , Eure, which mobilised elsewhere.

Meetings also in Dieppe and Barentin

This week, the prefecture will not advance figures for the department on the number of participants in the 11 th yellow day. “What we can say is that they were fewer in number, even if we counted today more points of assembly”, underlines Benoît Lemaire, director of cabinet at the prefecture of Seine- Maritime.

Of particular note, a walk in the streets of Dieppe , which had been declared in advance and which took place all day without incident, and a small gathering in Tourville-la-Rivière. In Barentin too, the Yellow Vests attempted in the morning a movement, quickly dispersed by the gendarmes.

Around 800 people in Rouen

The bulk of the mobilisation has therefore, as in recent weeks, concentrated in the big cities. In Rouen first, where “there were no more than 800 protesters on the day,” says a police source. A trend correlated with what journalists have seen on the ground.

After a generally calm morning, things then degenerated into the city center. Small groups consisting of a dozen protesters scattered in the streets, causing some clashes with the police.

Garbage cans were burned, the door of the police station broken and a broken window on Jean Lecannuet Street.

Two police officers and four protesters rescued by firefighters

In all, the police have made 13 arrests in Rouen, plus an arrest in Barentin. The firefighters were on their side intervened for three fires and to help five people, including a police officer.

“After receiving a projectile on the helmet, he was dragged by yellow vests before his colleagues intervened. He suffers from a shoulder injury, says the prefecture.”

For their part, the Yellow Vests counted at least six light wounded in their rank.

Same scenario in Le Havre, where just over 400 people marched in the streets according to the police. At the end of the demonstration, clashes erupted between groups of young people and the police, provoking the arrest of six people responsible for throwing projectiles against the police. Again, a police officer was injured, this time in the face.

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