Dunkirk: The Robber Leaves with Four Bottles of Whiskey

Local News
The robber tried to leave with four bottles of whiskey in Dunkirk

Sunday 26th November, 2017, a man robbed a supermarket in Dunkirk (Nord). Unable to obtain the cash he left with four bottles of whiskey.

He came to recover the cash, he left with four bottles of whiskey. Sunday, November 26, 2017 , around 0.30 am, a man tried to rob a convenience store boulevard Paul Verley in Dunkirk (Nord).

Armed with an automatic pistol, he threatened the manager and asked the cashier. The latter, thinking the gun was a fake, does not open the till and explains that she can not open it.

Pursued by witnesses

This then provokes the anger of the robber. He then grabs a display that spills onto the floor of the store. He grabs four bottles of whiskey and makes a quick exit, and then sets off his escape running.

He is pursued by an employee who was in the stockroom at the time of the robbery, and a witness. They fail to catch the fugitive who climbs into a car and fleds.

“An investigation was opened, the alleged perpetrator is still wanted, “said a judicial source.”

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