Weather in Lorient: Unstable Saturday, Changeable Sunday

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Weekend weather in Lorient

WEEKEND WEATHER: The weather for the weekend in and around Lorient. The low pressures focused on southern Brittany will generate a dominant unstable and fresh.

The low pressures focused on the south Brittany will generate a dominant unstable and cooler temperatures in and around Lorient this weekend.


The instability present at dawn on the coast quickly spreads throughout the Morbihan generating an unstable morning and mid-day with brief, cumulative, locally associated thunderstorms. In the afternoon, the initially unstable sky with thunderstorms and showers precedes variable conditions. Heaven getting bored at the end of the afternoon. Very light wind southeast southeast weak southwest.

Swell west 1 m. Min: 5 / 6 degrees; max: 11 / 12 degrees (from 4 / 5 degrees to 10  / 11 degrees inland). Sky covering itself in the evening with rains, more supported on the east half of Morbihan. Weak wind veering north-east; from 7  degrees at 8pm and 5 degrees at midnight.


The depression generates a very cloudy sky in the morning with some rains (more marked on the eastern half of Morbihan). Still cloudy and cool at midday, the sky becomes brighter and variable in the afternoon with clearings and cumulus, generating rare showers. Wind northwest (strength 3-4, gusts 30-40 km/h,) dropping significantly in the afternoon (strength 2-3, gusts 20-25 km / h, 30-35 on Groix). Swell west 1-1.3 m. Min: 4 / 5 degrees; max: 9 / 10 degrees; (from 3 / 4 degrees to 8 / 9 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac). Veiled sky in the evening, weak wind; 5 degrees at 8pm and 3 degrees at midnight.

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