Toulouse: Towards a Block Against Rising Fuel Prices?

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In Toulouse, protests being organised against rising fuel prices

A “national blocking against rising fuel” operation sprouts on social networks. And an event is planned in Toulouse, Saturday 17th November, 2018. Explanations.

UPDATE – 5pm. The event deleted facebook
The event entitled “(Toulouse) National block against rising fuel” has mysteriously disappeared from Facebook  Wednesday afternoon. Without explanation. On the social networks, the organizers said they wanted to organise another one. Note that a similar Facebook event has also been removed from Rodez (Aveyron) , as reported by Center Presse.

More than 11 000. This is the number of people who said themselves Wednesday 24th October, 2018 in the morning “interested” by the Facebook event entitled “(Toulouse) National block against rising fuel”,Saturday 17th November, a few hours later put it online. And that figure swells even faster … than fuel prices at the pump.

A huge buzz everywhere in France

In many cities in France, events have blossomed on Facebook to challenge the government and bring disgruntled road users to the streets.  In Paris, nearly 180,000 people said Wednesday morning interested in the same event scheduled for November 17th.  Wednesday morning, while 26,000 assured that they “participate” in this event on the ring road of the capital. Appointments of the same kind are fixed at the four corners of the hexagon. If these demonstrations are confirmed, it could be a formidable test of strength for the government.

“No declaration” in prefecture

Protests have sprung up everywhere in France, where private individuals and associations of motorists are hoping for a “national blockage” on Saturday 17th November. According to the prefecture of Haute-Garonne, “to date, no statement has been made in the prefecture regarding the blocking of 17 November 2018”. It should be remembered that in case of wild event, the civil and criminal liability of the organisers is engaged.

They denounce “an injustice”

On the social networks, the organisers of the Toulouse event call to “block the service stations, organise a” toll free “as was done recently by an association for the disabled, freeze everything that pays for money to the state “ . In the Pink City, a blockage would be held  on the device.  According to its organisers, the event planned in Toulouse aims to “make our refusal heard”. They write :

“It’s up to you, to make things happen and to demand that mobility remains accessible to all. No, we do not all live in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants or public transport is available to residents. Let’s think about rural people, think of workers with staggered hours, single moms, salespeople, disabled people. Think of all of us, French and French who refuse to pay more and more to get to our place of work! “

And they say: “We call on all people to come forward to express their dissatisfaction with the injustice of this further significant increase in fuel tax increases.”

Fuel Prices are rising day by day

In the autumn of 2018, prices continue to blaze at the pump, and the symbolic heading of 2 euros per litre is closer to the price of petrol … as for diesel. While this increase is partly due to soaring oil prices, it is also linked to a rise in taxes, which particularly affects diesel. At issue: the gradual catching up of the taxation of diesel on that of gasoline and the increase of the carbon tax.

And this increase in taxation on diesel has a very concrete consequence: diesel prices are catching up with those of gasoline. And in more than half of the resorts of the Haute-Garonne, diesel is even more expensive than that of gasoline.

A petition collects more than 110,000 signatures

At the same time, a petition titled “For Lower Fuel Prices at the Pump! “ Was launched by a resident of Seine-et-Marne on the site  and is a blazing success. Priscillia Ludosky  protests especially against the rise in taxes, which bail out the coffers of the state … But his petition also aims to push the government to “suppress the sale of diesel vehicles and ultimately petrol vehicles to make room for hybrid vehicles / “she says on the Republic of Seine-et-Marne. While it counted 12 000 supporters Sunday,three days later, the petition already collected more than  112 000 signatures and should be addressed to the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, François de Rugy.

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