Why Cara Delevingne Revealed Her Relationship With Ashley Benson

Cara Delevingne released her relationship with Ashley Benson for two reasons

PEOPLE: One of the reasons Cara Delevingne released information is personal, the other historical Cara Delevingne shared this week two posts on Instagram, one on which she kisses the actress Ashley Benson who shares his life, and the other, an Instagram story in which she expresses his love. It’s been a year since the two actresses are […]

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Sam Smith still hasn't recovered from his break up last year

Sam Smith Still has not Recovered from his Break with Brandon Flynn

PEOPLE: The British singer, Sam Smith broke with the actor last June … Some love stories are more difficult to forget than others, some ruptures more difficult to digest and it is not Sam Smith who will say the opposite. The singer, who split from her boyfriend Brandon Flynn (actor Series 13 Reasons Why ) last summer, admitted in an […]

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Taylor swift is back in a serious relationship

Taylor Swift is Back in a Relationship

PEOPLE: The singer could not resist British actor Joe Alwyn … Taylor Swift have found love according to British newspaper The Sun.  A source of the publication ensures that the couple even dated for several months and that in the utmost discretion. The young man in question is British actor Joe Alwyn holding the top billing in the Ang Lee […]

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