Peugeot 108 VTi 72, One of a Kind

The 3 cylinders of the Peugeot 108 VTi has been extensively redesigned to meet Euro 6C requirements. From 68 to 72 hp, consumption is down and CO2 emissions are estimated at 93 g / km.

More urban than ever, the Peugeot 108 is only available with one engine. It is the Toyota 3-cylinder petrol engine of 72 hp. Base price: € 10,700.

Difficult to find a place in the segment of small city-dwellers who are numerous to dispute a market not very profitable. A reason that led PSA and Toyota to join forces to produce jointly, in 2005, the trilogy Peugeot 107 then 108, Citroën C1 and Toyota Aygo, available in bodywork 3 or 5 doors. The three brands are distinguished only by the aesthetics of the front and rear and the upholstery. To establish a range, the two manufacturers had made their contribution on engines, all in essence, namely a 998 cc three-cylinder 68 ch for Japanese and a 4-cylinder 1.2 liter 82 ch for French. But in the face of drastic new gas emission standards, it has been easier to improve the performance of the 3 cylinder,

A valiant 3 cylinder in town

Thus, the 3 cylinder has been significantly overhauled to meet Euro 6C requirements. A nice feat because, winning 4 hp and rising to 72 hp, consumption is down and CO2 emissions are estimated at 93 g/km. A measurement established on the manual gearbox version and featuring the Start / Stop, the car is also available in a 5-speed gearbox with paddles on the steering wheel (an option at 600 €).   

At the wheel of the 108, we quickly understand that the city is mostly made … for the city. Alert and agile, it excels in its movements thanks to its 3.47 m long and a turning radius of 4.8 m facilitated by a gentle and precise direction. But on the road, it is penalised in its times by reports too long, forcing to rev up. However, its road behaviour remains blameless.

Chic and colourful

In the cabin of the Peugeot 108 VTi, new mood packs appear, bringing a maximum of gaiety and colours.
In the cabin of the Peugeot 108 VTi, new mood packs appear, bringing a maximum of gaiety and colours.

City-dwellers are particularly prone to personalisation, perhaps because statistics show that they are mostly appreciated by women. For 108, this translates into two new body colours, a deep blue and a bright green. It can be fitted with a black roof or a soft, gray, black or beige fabric roof, electrically operated, running the full length of the roof (only on the 5 doors and for € 1,100).

In the cabin, new mood packs also appear bringing a maximum of gaiety and colors that are found on the cabochons of wheels or the exterior mirrors. 

Connectivity is now paramount, the 108 has, depending on the version, Mirrorlink, Android Auto and Apple Carplay that appear on the touch screen above the center console.

Essential driving aids

The device is complemented by voice recognition (S-Voice Android and Apple’s Siri) activatable from the dedicated key on the steering wheel. Existing driving aids, such as emergency city braking and unintentional lane departure warning, are complemented by the recognition of the speed limit and overtaking signs on the touch screen.

For the practical side, it should be remembered that it is easier to install on the two rear seats with the five-door model (500 € extra) and that, depending on the level of finish, the rear seat can be split into two. 50/50. Finally, automatic climate control is now available.

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