Sud Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne: Job Alert for Friday 17th August

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The latest job offers in Sud-Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne

15 job vacancies to fill quickly in Sud-Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne

In partnership with the employment centers of Langon and Marmande, 15 job vacancies to be filled quickly in Bazas, Gornac, Saint-Macaire, La Réole, Langoiran and Saint-Symphorien; Marmande, Cocumont, Monteton, Bouglon and Casteljaloux 

076CDJL – Host / Cashier

As a replacement, you will be responsible for the checkout and shelves.
You will perform and control the marking and labeling of products on the shelf using an optical reader.
Provide storage and cleaning.
You will be trained on the internal cash register software.
You will have the opportunity to work on a rotating Sunday and on a voluntary basis (2 Sundays per month) 

76CRVG – Tractoriste agricole (H/F)


076CGHK –  Waiter / Waitress

You will be in charge of customer reception, room service, cashing and diving.
You will work independently on the services of lunch and dinner.
The restaurant is closed on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.
Ideally you have experience and autonomy on this job. 

076CJCN –  Waiter / Waitress

You will be in charge of customer services on Saturday morning to start.
Availability from 8am.

076CRTX – Specialized Educator (M / F)

The Garda MECS of the Emmaus association is recruiting for its outsourced service:
– You must have a knowledge of the field of the ASE, have a
significant experience of educational work in an open environment.
– Good analytical skills, ability to conduct individual
and group interviews . Possess editorial qualities.
CDD without precise term

076CYQS – Auxiliary Life (M / F)

You will work with dependents and accompany them
in the accomplishment of the gestures of everyday life: help with the toilet,
transfer, dressing, maintenance of housing and preparation of meals.
You are autonomous in your travels and are able to work
from Monday to Friday and every other weekend.
You benefit ideally from a first significant experience
with this public and you must have DEAES or an equivalent diploma.
A training action may be considered, if you do not have the required diplomas.
Benevolent, attentive, you are a real support and a
resource person promoting the well-being of the person.
You have the sense of contact, of listening while respecting your duty of discretion.
33 – ST SYMPHORIAN Permanent
20H Work in the home of a third party
Travel: Daily
Beginner accepted – EXPERIENCE APPRAISED
CAP, BEP or equivalent Auxiliary social life – DEAES This training is essential
Permit B – Light Vehicles Only

076CYRB – Home  Help After Seniors (M / F)

In compliance with the rules and instructions of health and safety,
you intervene at the home of various beneficiaries for the current maintenance
of the housing. You are also able to go shopping,
prepare meals, accompany people on the move.
Benevolent, attentive, you are a real support and a
resource person promoting the well-being of the person.
You have the sense of contact, of listening while respecting your duty of discretion.
You are able to work every second weekend.
Contract for an indefinite period
20H Work in the home of a third party
Travel: daily
Experience 6 months
Training CAP, BEP or equivalent Health sector health
permit B – Light vehicle required

076CLDY – Communications Officer (H / F)

In the context of a community located in the Lot et Garonne region, the communication department
recruits a project manager capable of assuming overall management of the files
and having the skills of communicator and project manager.
The missions: Valorisation of the actions through the management of the strategic files,
plans of communication, preparation of the contents and rewriting, plan of purchase media,
public relations, digital.
Media design: subject proposals, key information research, information
processing, editorial committee participation, writing,
choice of photos and illustrations, provider briefs, service coordination,
uivi manufacturing, printing and management of external collaborators, participation
in the development of events.
Position open to Category A officials and to CDD contractors from 12 to 36 months.
Deadline for receipt of applications 31 August. Recruitment jury on 11/09.
Advanced training in business communication and experience required

076DHZF – Cook / Cooker

In a restaurant of traditional bistronomic cuisine,
you will have to make the preparation of dishes,
You will perform inventory management. Average of 30 seats.
CDD 2 months
Experience and training required

075MDVB – Handler (M / F)

In a sawmill you will intervene at the end of the line to pick up, chop and stack the wood.
You have ideally worked in the wood sector.
You know how to use tools, wood saw, laser ….
CDD 3 months

075NNFC – Packaging  Line Manager (M / F)

Attached (e) bottling manager, you will participate in the achievement
of production objectives in compliance with the rules of hygiene,
quality and safety.
Main mission:
o ensure all quality control on the bottling line
o ensure the supply of dry materials from the packaging line
o ensure and / or carry out the preparation and adjustment of the chain
o participate in maintenance operations: knowledge of maintenance techniques
o management of the line operators team (5 people approx)
o apply the instructions, rules and procedures in force as well as the health
and safety rules in accordance with the IFS standard.
CACES 3 desired.

074XPQX –  Receptionist in Hospitality (M / F)

You will contribute to the comfort and well-being of the customers of the establishment ***.
Your activities will focus on the organization of services, reception, service
and marketing.
You will be able to participate in the management of the stocks, the setting up for the service (restaurant).
You will be responsible for greeting guests, taking orders, preparing
and serving breakfast, serving food and drinks.
You will make preparations and take care of the presentation of certain dishes
(cold appetizer, cheese board, etc.). You may be able to take care
of preparations such as cutting or buckling and making drinks
(aperitifs, cocktails or hot drinks).
Excellent presentation and dynamism.
Learning 24 months

076CZMQ – Household  Equipment Vendor (H / F)

Furniture and Appliances Store is looking for a versatile M / F salesman.
Your main missions will be the following:
– Sales – Consulting – Order taking – Respect of deadlines
– Proposal of complementary services to the sale
(extension of services, loyalty card, upscale …)
You have an excellent relationship, you are a challenger,
and you know how to meet challenges in achieving the goals of the store.
You will be versatile on the job.
You will work from Monday to Saturday and you will have two days off in the week including Sunday.
Pre-recruitment training can be done internally before the job.
Bac + 2 or equivalent Strength selling Wanted

076DMVQ – Plastics Operator

Within a company specialized in the manufacture of models, prototypes
and all types of objects using the different processes of rapid prototyping
(professional 3D printing) Your mission will be the sanding of parts and their finishes.
(Use of sander and sandpaper)
You must respect standards and safety instructions, you consider that you have
a good predisposition to this profession which is manual and requires a good manual dexterity.
You will work in a workshop and in a team.
CDD 3 months

076DHZF  – Cook / Cooker

In a restaurant of traditional bistronomic cuisine,
you will have to make the preparation of dishes,
You will perform inventory management.
Average of 30 seats.
Fixed-term contract 2 months Required
experience and training

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