Thunderstorms: A House, Struck by Lightning, In Flames near Fougères

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House struck by lightning near Fougères

Thunderstorms and rains sweep the country of Fougères again this Saturday, June 9th. At Coglès, a house caught fire after being struck by lightning.

From  Brittany to  Normandy , via the  Pays de la Loire , Météo France has placed 24 departments in orange alert for thunderstorms . Storms and rain sweep the Ille-et-Vilaine including the country of Fougères  this Saturday, June 9 .

At the Portes du Coglais ( Coglès) , at a place called Petit-Marbré, in the countryside, a house was struck by lightning around 10.30am. A fire broke out and the flames ignited the wooden frame.

Twenty firefighters from Fougères , Maen Roch , Antrain , Tremblay and Chartres-de-Bretagne  intervene to circumscribe the incident, secure the perimeter and extract the furniture in skips.

Sophie, tenant of the house for twelve years, was present with her three children. She tells :

“It was like a big shot. My 14-year-old son, who was upstairs, screamed that he had a sore hand and had a big stroke of juice in his hand. Right away, there was fire in the attic. There was no network, so I went outside the house to call the fire department with the laptop. I placed my two youngsters from 3 and 4 years old next door and took my son to the emergency room. My husband has arrived in the meantime. We cleared everything we could and evacuated the dogs. I was really scared, I started shaking. We lost everything.”

The boy was taken to the hospital center of Fougeres for a medical check-up. The house being uninhabitable, the eight people who lived in this farmhouse will be supported, as indicated by Aymar de Gouvion-Saint-Cyr, mayor of the Portes-du-Coglais :

“We are going to relocate the inhabitants temporarily in a house which the city owns in Montours”.


In addition, firefighters have set up an advanced command post on Fougères with several gears to intervene specifically for floods following heavy rains.

For the time being, some 15 interventions have been recorded in several communes: Fougères , Parigné , Saint-Georges-de-Reintembault , Louvigné-du-Désert , Fleurigné , Chauvigné , Gahard and Liffré . These are floods in homes at home.

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