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Brexit: Thousands Protest in London to Call for Second Vote

A demonstration gathered several thousand people this Saturday in London to demand a new referendum on Brexit.

Several thousand supporters of the European Union have met Saturday in London to request a new consultation on the conditions of divorce with Brussels, when they have been defined.

Two years after the referendum won 52% by the proponents of separation, the British remain divided and the balance of power has not changed, although the consequences of Brexit remain unclear.

“We must be able to judge whether a decision that will affect our lives for generations makes the country better or worse,” say the pro-European movements behind the initiative called “People’s Vote . 

48% of Britons in favor of referendum

According to a poll this week, 48% of Britons are in favor of holding a referendum on the exit agreement from the EU and 25% are against it.

It is still unclear what the agreement will look like, supposedly to govern the economic relations between London and the EU as of March 30, the development of which raises tensions in the government Theresa May.

The British voted to “free themselves from EU regulatory and EU standards” , and any other formula, such as staying in the single market or the customs union, would be unwelcome, his foreign minister says , Boris Johnson, in a tribune published by the Sun.

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