During Her Jog, the French Woman Crosses the American border by Mistake and Ends up in Prison

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The 19-year-old French woman mistakenly crossed the border between Canada and the United States during her jog. She spent two weeks in prison. (© Adobe Stock / Illustration)

A 19-year-old French woman spent two weeks in prison in the United States after having crossed, without realizing it, the border with Canada, during a jog.

It’s a jog that she will not forget anytime soon. While visiting her mother’s home in western Canada, a 19-year-old French woman spent two weeks in detention at a detention center in the United States.  During her jog she had crossed the border without realizing it.

Cedella Roman has told her story on CBC . She reports that the incident took place in White Rock on May 21st, a city in British Columbia (Canada), on the border of the US state of Washington.

No identity paper on it

The young woman says she was jogging along a beach. As the tide rose, she took a dirt road, took the opportunity to take a picture, before turning around. She then fell on two US agents in charge of border surveillance.Both agents accused her of illegally crossing that border. Without identity paper on her, the young woman was quickly transferred to a detention center, 200 km further south.

Once she arrived, she was able to call her mother, who was there with her daughter’s passport and student visa. The US authorities then stated that the documents had to be checked by the Canadian authorities, forcing the young woman to stay in the center for two weeks before she could return to Canada.See the border between Canada and the United States, crossed by the Frenchwoman: 

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