Why There is a Shortage of Coca-Cola in Leclerc Stores

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In many Leclerc stores, the shortage of Coca-Cola is felt

Coca-Cola is increasingly rare in Leclerc and some stores are out of stock. In question, a commercial dispute between the two companies.

If you want to buy Coca-Cola at your Leclerc store , hurry up! In the next few days, you will probably have to go without your favorite soda.

The bottles and cans of the American brand are increasingly rare in these supermarkets. In question, “a disagreement with the supplier Coca-Cola,” says the distributor.

A disagreement between Coca-Cola and Leclerc over the price

“Dear customers because of a disagreement with the supplier Coca-Cola who wants to significantly increase the price of its products in 2018, the company E. Leclerc could not find an agreement with this supplier and apologises for the breaks on these products, “says the distributor on posters stuck on the shelves of its stores.

On Leclerc’s drive, the brand’s products are noted as “soon available”.

According to Le Parisien, E.Leclerc’s central purchasing department stopped placing orders with Coca-Cola European Partners, which serves more than 300 million consumers each year in 13 European countries.

In 2011, it was the cheese …

The brand that claims to be “the cheapest in France”,  this is not the first time that this has happened.

In 2011, the products of the Lactalis group, such as Camembert President, Roquefort Company, mozzarella Galbani or Lactel milk, had disappeared from the shelves following a commercial dispute of the same kind.

They had finally returned to E. Leclerc, a year later. Coca-Cola fans hope the conflict will be shorter …

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