Mariah Carey Writes Her Memoirs

he singer Mariah Carey writes her memoirs

MUSIC: The singer, Mariah Carey has a lot to say …

Mariah Carey will soon release her memoirs. A spokesperson for the singer confirmed the information to Page Six .

This announcement comes just after Mariah Carey’s revelations about her condition. She said yesterday that she has been suffering from bipolarity for several years.

To liberate oneself

As a singer’s close friend explains, speaking openly to her audience about her illness has been liberating for the diva. “At one point, telling the truth frees you. (Talk about his bipolarity) is going to be liberating. When those who are close to you are people like Whitney (Houston) and Prince, at one point, you do an introspection and you face your internal demons, “added another source.

I’m grateful to be sharing this part of my journey with you. @mrjesscagle @people

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