Mouse found inside can of Coca Cola

He Drinks a Coca Cola and Discovers a Mouse Inside the Can

Damien, a resident of Seine-et-Marne, said he discovered a mouse in a can of Coca Cola. Horrified, he would like to understand how this is possible. The kind of sip that leaves you with a bitter taste and a very bad memory. On March 7, 2019, Damien, 34 , a resident of Varennes-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne), buys with colleagues a pizza and […]

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Coca Cola buys the French Brand Tropicano

The American giant Coca-Cola bought the French Brand Tropico

Coca-Cola has announced the acquisition of the Tropico brand: this is the first time that the American giant acquires a French brand. The American drinks giant Coca-Cola has bought the French brand Tropico, famous for its fruit drink, announced Le Figaro in its forthcoming edition Monday. According to the Figaro, with Tropico – whose advertising […]

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In many Leclerc stores, the shortage of Coca-Cola is felt

Why There is a Shortage of Coca-Cola in Leclerc Stores

Coca-Cola is increasingly rare in Leclerc and some stores are out of stock. In question, a commercial dispute between the two companies. If you want to buy Coca-Cola at your Leclerc store , hurry up! In the next few days, you will probably have to go without your favorite soda. The bottles and cans of the American brand are increasingly rare in […]

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Truck overturns at Lieusaint

Lieusaint: The Truck Overturns on the Roundabout and Pours its Cargo of Coca-Cola

A truck accident occurred this Friday night in Lieusaint. The driver lost control of his vehicle, which rolled over in a roundabout. The cleaning operation  lasted nearly three hours. A truck driver who was transporting soda bottle crates has lost control of his truck on Friday 30th March 30 at 10.30pm the town of Lieusaint. The accident occurred on a roundabout, RD 402 . According to […]

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