Twenty Cancelled Flights to and from Toulouse Blagnac Airport, Monday

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Many flights are cancelled again, Monday, April 23, 2018, at the departure and arrival of Toulouse-Blagnac airport

Due to a new strike movement at Air France, about twenty flights operated by the company and its subsidiaries are cancelled Monday, April 23, 2018 at Toulouse Blagnac airport

It is the tenth day of strike for the wages, in two months, at Air France. A new move is announced Monday, April 23, 2018. In a statement, the company plans to provide “75% of its flight program . ” It also estimates the percentage of strikers to “28.1% of pilots, 19.6% of commercial cabin crew and 13% of ground staff”.

Especially to Paris and Lyon

But about twenty flights were already cancelled Friday departing from or going to Toulouse Blagnac airport, mainly to Paris or Lyon . Air France also specifies that ” disturbances and delays can not be excluded” on other flights. “The company advises customers who have booked a flight for this day of April 23 to postpone their trip.”

Canceled flights departing from Toulouse

According to the airport, eleven flights are canceled  from Toulouse-Blagnac, Monday, April 23, 2018, essentially the “shuttle” Air France to Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Seven with Air France, three with Hop! and one with Twin Jet, two of its subsidiaries. Here are the details of canceled flights:

  • 06:45 to Lyon with Hop!
  • 07:00  to Paris-CDG  with Air France
  • 08:00 to Paris-Orly  with Air France
  • 09:00  to Paris-Orly  with Air France
  • 10:25  to Paris-Orly  with Air France
  • 10:35  to Paris-CDG  with Air France
  • 14:00  to Lyon  with Hop!
  • 17:55  to Paris-Orly  with Air France
  • 18:15  to Lyon  with Hop!
  • 20:05  to Metz-Nancy  with Twin Jet
  • 20:45  to Paris-CDG  with Air France

Canceled flights to Toulouse

Ten flights to Toulouse-Blagnac  are also announced canceled Monday, April 23, 2018: seven with Air France and three with its subsidiary Hop!  Here is the list of canceled flights:

  • 08:15 from Paris-Orly with Air France
  • 09:35  from Lyon with Hop!
  • 09:40  from Paris-Orly with Air France
  • 12:35  from Paris-Orly with Air France
  • 14:25  from Paris-CDG with Air France
  • 17:00  from Lyon with Hop!
  • 17:10  from Paris-Orly with Air France
  • 20:00  from Paris-CDG with Air France
  • 21:15  from Lyon with Hop!
  • 21:20  from Paris-Orly with Air France

Before going to Toulouse-Blagnac airport to fly, it is recommended to check the website to check the status of your flight.

A strike also at the SNCF

Monday 23rd April, 2018 is also part of the 36-day strike announced on the side of the SNCF, where agents are still mobilised to defend the status of railway worker.

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