Ancenis: A Young Man from Nantes Miraculously Survives a Violent Accident on the A11

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A young man from Nantes travelling from Ancenis Miraculously survives accident

ROAD ACCIDENT: Early on Sunday morning , a severe accident occurred on the A11 motorway close to Ancenis.  The driver, a twenty year old from Nantes miraculously survives after the car exploded

At around 5.45 am on Sunday 22nd April, a violent accident occurred at Ancenis, on the A11 motorway in the direction of Nantes-Angers. A driver in his twenties looks like he had fallen asleep at the wheel, his vehicle ending up on the side of the road, and literally “exploded”. The young man escaped unscathed.

Very early, this Sunday, April 22, a severe road accident occurred on the A11 motorway, near the town of Ancenis, in the direction Nantes-Angers.

In his twenties, a young driver from Nantes came crashing down the side of the expressway, probably after falling asleep at around 5.45am.

The vehicle exploded

On site, a Cofiroute patrol lorry was joined by the fire brigade and the Ancenis Gendarmarie motorised platoon. “We feared the worst when we saw the condition of the vehicle,” says the latter. It had completely exploded, the engine had been ejected some twenty meters away. “

The driver was sent to the hospital in the centre of Ancenis to undergo medical examinations, the young man was later released, finally prescribed a day off work.

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