Tax Exemption for Overtime Restored in 2020, Government Announces

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tax free overtime from 2020 announced the Government

The government spokesman announced Sunday the introduction of tax-free overtime “by 2020”. A campaign promise by Emmanuel Macron.

The return of tax-free overtime. The government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux , confirmed Sunday 11th March, 2018, the return of this flagship measure introduced by Nicolas Sarkozy. Suppressed by François Hollande, she had been promised by Emmanuel Macron.

“During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron was committed to saying that the contributions on overtime should be removed. It will be done by 2020, “assured Benjamin Griveaux during the” Grand Rendez-vous ” on Europe 1-Les Echos-CNEWS .

“Not before, for one simple reason: it is that we also have a question of budgetary seriousness to hold, we have a trajectory, commitments we have made vis-à-vis our European partners.”

“The job has to pay better”

According to the Secretary of State, “the work has to pay better” . A measure also confirmed by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe a few weeks ago during a live Facebook organized in Matignon. Emmanuel Macron, during his presidential campaign, committed to desocialize overtime, that is to say to ensure that we no longer pay contributions, neither the employer nor the employees, on the hours. made, “the head of the government said.

During a trip to Metz (Moselle) last February , the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire had promised the effectiveness of the measure “by 2022” , so the end of the five-year period.

The desocialization of overtime is “in the same spirit” as the exemption of these hours, set up by Nicolas Sarkozy and suppressed by Francois Hollande, had explained the Prime Minister. “It increases the purchasing power, it also helps to encourage overtime.”

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