A Shooting Star Lights up the Sky in the West of France, from Normandy to Aquitaine

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A shooting star in the sky above North West France on Monday

A meteor was seen in the sky on Monday 12th February from a northwestern third of France, from Normandy to Aquitaine. It was a bright shooting star.

A shooting star in the sky . Monday, February 12 at 6:06, a fireball was observed from a wide northwest-thirds of France, from Normandy to Aquitaine, via  Brittany and the Loire Valley , the website said Vigie Heaven .

According to these experts and network cameras Trickster , “the meteoroid that gave birth to this meteor passed near the vertical of the city of Nantes , with a trajectory roughly from north-northeast to south-southwest”.

“The power of light was quite impressive! “

The passage of the meteor brighter than the planet Venus says Earthwatch Heaven, was observed near Rennes, Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande. A user on Twitter tells his awakening: “A mega shooting star passed above my head. The power of light was quite impressive! ”

According Vigie Sky is a meteoroid a small particle of several millimeters to several tens of centimeters in diameter, which moves in space. It is she who gives birth to the meteor if it enters the atmosphere of the Earth. If the meteoroid is massive enough, part of the object can resist that entered the atmosphere, and give rise to a meteorite. “

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