Haut Jura: Snow has Fallen Again

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Snow has fallen in Haut Jura

Tonight the snow falls again in abundance on the haut Jura and the roads are not good. The weekend promises Gray, rainy, snowy …

Caution on the roads: the snow falls again in abundance tonight with 10cm measured about two hours above 1,000 meters and on the roads of Jura high and traffic is often difficult.

And as always “powdered”, it is found that motorists trying to climb without the necessary equipment: chains and snow tires, causing closures and accident …

According to Meteo France, snow should continue to slowly fall tonight and Saturday morning on the mountains and  even descend as low as 400 to 500 metres. It could give way to rain during the day. The wind should blow up as 50 km/h gusts plain and reach 120 km/h on the peaks.

While we had hoped earlier this week a thinning of the snow around Jura, the weather pattern has changed and so this is a very gray weekend, snow and rain ahead.

So a log fire is reset and we take a good book to pass the time …

Be careful on the roads in Haut Jura due to snow
The roads of the above are not terrible and it is better not to venture into equipment

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