Toulouse: Equipped with an Electric Pump, he is Caught Trying to Siphon Fuel,

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A man was caught near Toulouse, trying to siphon fuel

A man was arrested in a parking lot of Colomiers, near Toulouse, while siphoning the tank of a truck, on Friday 19th January, 2018.

During a routine patrol in Colomiers (Haute-Garonne), near Toulouse, on Friday 19th January, 2018 around 3.50 am , the police noticed a car parked near a truck in a parking lot on the corner of Alfred de Vigny Street and rue Victor Hugo.

An electric pump and cans

Next to the car, a man. At his feet in the trunk of the vehicle, four cans of 25 litres of fuel . Police also discovered an electric pump.

The man then confessed to police that he was siphoning the fuel tank of the truck. He also admits that he found the idea on the internet, which is where he also bought his electric pump, to commit the theft.

The man aged 22 was arrested and taken into custody.

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