The FN must Change its Name says Marine Le Pen

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The Front National must change its name says Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, President of the Front National, said that her party should change its name in order to be perceived as a “party of government” and create new alliances.

The president of the Front National Marine Le Pen said this Sunday that her party should change its name to be perceived as a “party of government” and to create new alliances.

The activists were mostly favorable at this stage of the processing of the questionnaires sent as part of the “re-foundation” of the party, said the ruling Front National at a press conference in Alencon, eighth leg of its tour of “refoundation”.


If the final trend is changing the name, “a number will be suggested” at the FN congress on the 11th March and the militants will vote.

“Today, if we change the Front National then we must also change the name,” defended Marine Le Pen.

“If a name contains a charge that could raise concerns, or (a) an emotional burden that is too strong, and it seems that this is still the case of the Front National, then you must not hesitate to provide the means victory, “argued the former presidential candidate.

“Forging Alliances”

“If we want this movement to be heard, seen as the party of government, likely to form alliances, so must those who may be tempted by this alliance. There is a new movement that allows for this capability, this ability to build alliances “, she added.

“Now we need it (FN) completes its transformation” and password “opposition party of protest” at a party “government.”

“We can not think in terms of nostalgia”, according to MP Pas-de-Calais. “A political party is a tool that should be used to gain power. This is not an end in itself. “

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