Eleanor Storm: 200,000 Homes without Electricity in France

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200,000 homes are without power after the passing of Eleanor storm

The Eleanor storm that struck France in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, caused extensive damage, while 51 departments are on orange alert.

Trees and roofs torn, cut roads, bridge closed to traffic.  Wednesday 3rd January, a large northern half of the country is very upset because of the passage of the Eleanor storm .

51 departments have also been placed on orange alert by Meteo France, while the wind blows at more than 100 km/h on the coast.

Gusts to 147 km/h have been recorded even early in the morning at  Cambrai-Epinoy (North). 

2000 Enedis field agents

Many property damage were reported in the northeast quarter of the territory. To the point that 200,000 homes were left without electricity,  including more than  54,000 in Normandy, announced  Enedis (ex ERDF) at 9am. The public company in 2000 ensures that agents are on deck to recover as quickly as the current.

They warn that no one should touch the poles and cables that fall to the ground.

The roof of a church flies off in the North

Firefighters were mobilized everywhere, as in Normandy, where they spoke to more than a hundred times . SNCF even interrupted train traffic in the region (except at the Rouen-Paris). In the north, the roof of the Church of Marchiennes near Douai, flew on public roads ! Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

This storm, the fourth since early December , is expected to lose intensity in the late afternoon.

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