Contaminated Milk: Lactalis Apologizes and Assures Parents that it is Collaborate with the State

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Lactalis apologises to parents over contaminated milk with salmonella

Regarding the contaminated milk with salmonella, the Lactalis group reiterated its apology to parents. It provides cooperation with the state from the beginning.

The group Lactalis renewed Thursday apologized to parents and assured work ” in full cooperation ” with the state since the beginning of the case of milk contaminated with salmonella , despite the criticism of the government .

Lactalis “renews its apologises to parents” who bought the baby milk that may be contaminated, said spokesman Michel Nalet during a press briefing.

Since the beginning of the crisis in early December, “we work in close collaboration with state services,” he said.

The Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire , nevertheless scolded the group Thursday morning, saying he had to replace a “failing firm”. The minister recalled having had to sign himself on the 9th December a decree calling for the suspension of the marketing of infant formula may be contaminated.

The government expects explanations

In deciding December 21 to recall all milk and infant products produced at its plant in Craon (Mayenne) in February 2017, “we applied a maximum precautionary principle,” he told the head of the dairy group.

After the retail convened Thursday evening for selling milk yet the recalled products, Lactalis will be received Friday by the Economy Minister to explain the matter.

January 9, Public Health France identified 35 infants with salmonellosis and who consumed milk or infant feeding products of this factory. Eighteen infants were hospitalized, but all were released from the hospital, the source said.

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