Carmen Storm: Gusts up to 113 km/h on the l’île d’Yeu, Vendee

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Carmen storm caused the fall of a wind turbine at Bouin, Vendee

The Vendée department remains on orange alert for the Carmen Storm with to the risk of strong wind and the risk of flooding from waves. At Bouin, a wind turbine has collapsed

In late morning on Monday 1 January, the west wind southwest blew strong enough, with gusts observed to 113 km/h to Yeu Island and 111 km/h at the Roche-sur-Yon .

The bridge of Noirmoutier is closed to vehicles over 2 meters in height from 8 am this morning, due to winds above 100 km/h. It will occasionally closed to any vehicle if the wind exceeds 120 km/h.
The shuttles provided at 12.45pm and 3.15 pm. from the island of Yeu are cancelled.

Fall of a wind turbine at Bouin

The departmental service of fire and rescue services (SDIS 85) has attended 24 minor operations since the beginning of the storm (falling trees and materials mainly)

A  wind turbine in the municipality of Bouin has also collapsed, under the force of the winds, sliced at the base.

The waves will gradually boost during the afternoon. Combined with a strong tidal coefficient, they will impact the entire Vendée coast with hours of high tide at 4:13 p.m. (coefficient 97).

The high-energy waves, western sector, Southwest will reach 4-5 meters.

Limit movement

The prefect of Vendée calls everyone to the utmost caution and invites road users to limit their travel plans whilst the Carmen Storm passes across the region.

On the coast, it is requested not to walk by the sea and to avoid swimming.

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