Fuel prices, Gas Prices, Airbnb …. All the Changes from 1st December

Fuel, gas, AirBnB. Changes in France for December
  • As each month beginning, rate changes appear.

  • In December, the prices of gas and fuel are revised (upwards).

  • Those who rent their property on Airbnb in Paris will have to register with the town hall.

There are not many changes this month but still.

  • New rise in gas prices

And it goes on and on. If regulated gas prices have fallen more than 16% in four years, according to a statement released Thursday by the Regulatory Commission of Energy (CRE), they rose from 0.97 today % following a 2.6% increase in November.In detail, as of Friday, “this increase was 0.3% for those who use gas for cooking, 0.6% for those with a dual-purpose cooking and hot water and 1% for households that heat with gas, “says the CRE said in a statement.

  • Paris strengthens its arsenal against illegal Airbnb rentals

By Friday rental accommodation listings on Airbnb or similar to Paris will display a registration number, obtained for mayor, a new step in tracking down illegal tourist homes. The capital, seeking to contain the loss of housing converted into apartments for tourists, is the first French city to adopt this measure, and will be followed by Bordeaux on March 1.

  • Air France launch Joon

Departure: Paris-CDG. Destination: Barcelona. Joon The airline not intended to be low cost or classical company, performs Friday its first commercial flight . The new subsidiary of Air France KLM, which is a rather young clientele , must be an “innovation lab” for the group, in the words of its CEO, Jean-Michel Mathieu. This winter, she will serve several cities in Europe (Porto, Berlin, Lisbon), before further destinations in the summer of 2018 as Fortaleza (Brazil) and Cape Town (South Africa).

  • Rising fuel prices in Reunion

Bad surprise this morning for motorists Reunion. The prefecture announced that pump prices would increase more four cents for unleaded, which reached 1.4 euro per litre and three cents for diesel that passes 1.05 euro per litre.

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