Regulated gas tariffs will increase further on 1 June 2018 in France.

Regulated Gas Tariffs will (again) Increase on the 1st June

Bad news for consumers who use gas. Regulated gas tariffs will increase by 2.1% in June after a previous rise in May. After + 0.4% in May, regulated natural gas tariffs will increase to 2.1% in June,  thus reflecting the increase in wholesale prices, announced the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). In detail, the more the subscribers have a […]

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Fuel, gas, AirBnB. Changes in France for December

Fuel prices, Gas Prices, Airbnb …. All the Changes from 1st December

As each month beginning, rate changes appear. In December, the prices of gas and fuel are revised (upwards). Those who rent their property on Airbnb in Paris will have to register with the town hall. There are not many changes this month but still. New rise in gas prices And it goes on and on. If […]

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The limit for paying by contactless credit card is increasing

APL Vaping, Contactless Payment, Photoshop … What is changing from 1st October

The main changes coming into effect in France in October 2018 … October 1st is packed with innovations. From today, Sunday, many changes are expected in your daily life. We list the main points to note. The vaping banned in some enclosed public places Bad news for fans of the electronic cigarette. From October 1st, it will be […]

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The Council of State has paved the way for the abolition of regulated gas tariffs in France.

Regulated Gas Tariffs will have to Disappear

Applied for more than 70 years, regulated gas tariffs are bound to disappear. This will affect more than 5 million consumers. Details. The regulated gas tariffs , applied for over 70 years Engie (formerly GDF Suez) , will have to cease to exist in order to comply with European law, a loss that will affect more than 5 million consumers. Seized […]

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What changes are in store for France in December 2016

Gas Prices, layoffs, alcohol … What changes for 1st December

Increase in regulated gas tariffs, train delays better reimbursed by SNCF, new display rules about alcohol or changes to the Labour law … Here several new provisions coming in force in France on Thursday 1st December, 2016. Gas Prices Regulated tariffs increase on 1 December by 2.6% on average . In detail, the gas for cooking increases […]

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Gas prices are to fall again at the beginning of April

French Economy: Gas Prices will fall by about 3.5% on 1st April

Regulated gas tariffs applied by Engie (formerly GDF Suez) to 6.4 million consumers, will fall by about 3.5% on average on April 1st, we have learned  this Tuesday from a source close to the case, confirming a report in Le Figaro. This represents the seventh consecutive month of decline in these prices include tax, which […]

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Gas tarriffs, cost of taxis in Paris, registering for employment are amongst the changes for March

Gas Prices and Taxis, employment center, PEL … All that will change on March 1

Everything that will change in March … Further decline in the price of gas, flat rates for taxi rides between Paris and the Paris region airports, transition to digital for employment center or automatic extension of housing savings plans (PEL): several novelties will apply from the 1st March.  And other changes will follow at the […]

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Regulated gas prices are to fall for the fifth consecutive month

The Gas Prices Fall for a Fifth Consecutive Month

Regulated gas tariffs applied by Engie to 6.4 million consumers in France, will fall by an average of 1.86% excluding VAT on February 1 … Regulated gas tariffs applied by Engie (formerly GDF Suez) to 6.4 million consumers in France, will fall by an average of 1.86% before tax on 1 February, announced Thursday. This […]

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