Toulouse: A Security Guard Beaten in a Subway Station

Local News
It was at the subway station Bagatelle two men who attempted to defraud, attacked a security guard in Toulouse

A security guard was beaten by two young men trying to evade payment of the metro, this Friday 24th November, in Bagatelle station in Toulouse.

It was about 11.30 pm when two young men attacked a security guard at the metro station Bagatelle in Toulouse. While these two individuals attempt to evade payment of the metro, the security officer who works for Tisséo intervenes.

“They beat him”

Therefore, the two men returned to him and insult him.  “It is then that they beat him” , said a police source. The police quickly intervened on the spot to rescue the security guard, which we ignore, for now, the severity of injuries.

One of the two men, aged 18, has been arrested. He was placed in custody at police headquarters in Toulouse. His sidekick fled.

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