Normandy: Three Cars Involved in an Accident near Livarot

Local News
One of the three vehicles involved in the accident November 24, 2017 near Livarot (Calvados, Normandy)

ROAD ACCIDENT: An accident in Normandy occurred Friday 24th November at 7:45 on the RD579, near Livarot (Calvados).The driver of one of the three vehicles involved had fell asleep at the wheel

Friday 24th November 2017, an accident involving three cars occurred in Normandy on the RD579, near Livarot (Calvados). Around 7.45 am the driver of a Golf travelling in the direction Lisieux, at Livarot when he lost control of his vehicle in the middle of a straight line, 500 meters from the entrance of the town.

He collided with a Toyota Rav4, which was in front of him. A Renault Clio was also struck. The three drivers, the only people in their cars, were injured and taken to hospital Lisieux.

According to police, the driver of the Golf fell asleep at the wheel. Nine policemen Livarot, Orbec and Lisieux went there. The traffic is very dense at this hour of the day, was reduced to one lane until 10am.

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